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Flinders University campus loop

Green, exhaust fumes free, and pine aromas . . . Flinders University campus features a rare setting in Adelaide for running at night, or on the weekend, in the sense that traffic is low to non-existent at these times.

Tour Loulou 1, 6320m+ Medium difficulty Medium difficulty

A Tour Loulou 1 comprises of a lead-up (In-Out route), a Uni Drive anti-clockwise 3-quarter loop, then a clockwise half-loop, then a backtrack lead-up to home.  Did you get that?
It’s called Tour Loulou 1 after I did it for the first time with my dog whose nickname is“Loulou”.

Length: from 6320m.

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Tour Loulou nx, 11+km Hard Hard

A typical Tour Loulou comprises of a lead-up towards Sturt Rd, a Uni Drive anti-clockwise loop, with a detour through the far row of the hilltop carpark, then a clockwise loop via a compulsory detour via the Alan Mitchell Sports Centre roundabout and through the far row of the carpark again, then a backtrack lead-up home.

Tour options
the nx option

Each University Drive loop is called a 1x option.
e.g.  3 loops is called a Tour Loulou 3x.
Odd loops are anticlockwise.  Even ones are clockwise.  You toggle the direction at every loop.

In particular, my favourite tour is a Tour Loulou 2x.
Total length for a Tour Loulou 2x is 11.1km (measured with an accurate cycling computer).

the levelled option

This option’s goal is to limit the positive climb while keeping a tour that is more or less close to the original one.  It’s not represented on the picture.
To attain it, start at the crossing between Sturt Rd and University Drive.  Don’t go through the carpark but stay on the main road.  Finally, go through the Alan Mitchell detour both ways.
This option is not shown in this file, and of course makes it a shorter tour.

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