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Flinders University campus loop (1195 views)

Green, exhaust fumes free, and pine aromas . . . Flinders University campus features a rare setting in Adelaide for running at night, or on the weekend, in the sense that traffic is low to non-existent at these times.
created 10 March 2012
revised 14 February 2017

Beachside loop run around Glenelg area (1237 views)

This is another possible night time loop run in ADL, ranging from Somerton Park to the roundabout at Military Rd.
created 10 March 2012
revised 15 February 2017

Southern suburbs rectangle (1285 views)

This running route is advised for people who, like I do, run later in the evening or in the middle of the night (including very early in the morning), as it mostly follows roads that are quite busy during the day.  These roads become deserted, lit up stretches at night, and...read more >>
created 10 March 2012
revised 12 February 2017
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