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This running route is advised for people who, like I do, run later in the evening or in the middle of the night (including very early in the morning), as it mostly follows roads that are quite busy during the day.  These roads become deserted, lit up stretches at night, and may allow you to run on the actual lane, where you will avoid all the unlevelled footpaths.
Its advantage is to benefit from the bright street lights, and view your milestones kilometers ahead, which may be a source of motivation to keep you going.
I used this route to run 28 km one summer night, completing a triathlon, and the traffic was near-nil.

Three options, ranging from 15km Medium difficulty Medium difficulty to 25+km Hard Hard

This route runs (and you too) around Marion.  It can either be done as a single loop of about 15km, or a return of 25km, or even as the first stage to a tougher long distance run through Flinders Uni campus and back.
Don’t you think its boring to do a backtrack run by the way?! Keep in mind descents will turn into hills and vice-versa.  Head wind will turn tail and vice-versa.  Also, what you see on your way back will be significantly different too as the rest of us humans don’t have a 360 degree view!

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