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Preparing your bike (1336 views)

As a cycling enthusiast, you’ll want to get the best out of your bike and enhance your riding experience, as well as improve your performance, have gears that respond the way you want while climbing a steep slope, and not getting stranded in the middle of nowhere because a...read more >>
created 10 September 2012
revised 10 February 2017

Preparing your toolbox (671 views)

A basic toolbox can be what makes you do the remaining 150 km of a 180 km scheduled ride instead of calling a friend or your partner because you are stuck at km 30.
created 31 October 2012
revised 11 February 2017

Preparing your clothing equipment (1302 views)

The clothes you choose for a ride are mainly determined by four factors: temperature, humidity, comfort, food storage.  You should favour light pieces, allowing for layering rather than one heavier item.
created 10 September 2012
revised 10 February 2017

Preparing your diet (1206 views)

"Your training will be only as good as your diet, bike and accessories preparation".  As much as the aliments you favour in your diet is rather a historical and a personal choice, all choices should nonetheless rely on a single universal fundation.
created 10 September 2012
revised 17 February 2017
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