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Triathlon: should I deflate my tires in the sunny bikepark? (4788 views)

I was really surprised when I saw all these athletes around me deflating their tires before leaving their race machines behind on the eve of the competition, on the hot bikepark of the Nice IronMan (France) in late June.  So many of them were doing it, that I couldn’t help...read more >>
created 08 March 2016
revised 11 February 2017

Safely flying overseas with a valuable bike (4426 views)

Last time I flew to Australia I faced the dilemma "Should I travel with my bike from France to Australia, or should I get the one I already have there (although interstate)".  Past the shiver that hits you just thinking of putting your valuable bike in a bag that may be...read more >>
created 21 February 2013
revised 10 February 2017
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