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Weather issues (1709 views)

Even in the heart of summer rain can be treacherous, let alone rain on paving or cobblestone.
The mountain environment can be far more trecherous with its steep descents and hair-pin bends, and one could easily see four seasons in one day.  This can lead to all sorts of...read more >>
created 10 September 2012
revised 12 October 2014

Before your ride (1690 views)

One rule is that your training will only be as good as the time and effort that you put in to prepare your diet, your bike, and your accessories.   There is no doubt about it, cycling is a complicated sport.  It is much more complicated than either swimming or running as each...read more >>
created 10 September 2012
revised 15 October 2014

During your ride (2006 views)

You will find in this article advice and information to make your ride as safe and enjoyable as possible.  If you take the right approach, you will clear a lot of stress off your mind, leaving more room to enjoy your ride and the scenery.
created 10 September 2012
revised 10 February 2017

After your ride (1588 views)

The fun part is over, until tomorrow.  A different chapter starts now, and it’s all about resetting;
resetting your body, your bike, your clothes, and your mind, to be ready to face another stage the following day.
created 10 September 2012
revised 10 February 2017

Preparing a safe and beneficial Mount Ventoux ride (3335 views)

From the calm and“bon vivre”-smelling plain of Mazan one would not believe that the Giant of Provence, erected at the distance, obtructing the horizon, seen as early as the exit of Avignon, will show quite a different image once you reach the“lunar cap”, this white rocky...read more >>
created 22 May 2013
revised 10 February 2017
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