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Coconut pudding

Whoever has travelled in Thailand would know the coconut pudding, found at market stalls.
Time needed 20’ preparation, 5 h cooling down


  • a can of coconut milk (plain)
  • 3 XL eggs
  • Sweetened condensed milk (small can)
  • Unsweetened condensed milk (std can)


Beat the eggs, add the coconut cream, then the milk.
Mix very well and put it in the oven.
Bake the custard tart for 30 minutes or so at 210 C (410 F).
It’s well done when a knife blade comes out clean or just covered with dew.
Put plastic alimentary film to touch the custard to prevent odour transfers when in the fridge (both ways!), remove from the fridge just before serving.   Allow the custard to cool down before placing to the fridge, and place it at least overnight! Don’t try to remove the custard from the dish until then.

Served very cool.
created 18 July 2011
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