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Vanilla custard

Anglos eat it straight on a shortcrust pastry (custard pie), but its main usage is more to use it as a bed to make fruit bits sit in a tart.
Time needed 8’ preparation, 8’ baking, 1 h cooldown.


    For 300 g (0.66 lb)
  • 1 egg
  • 50 g caster sugar (1.75 oz)
  • 1/4 l whole milk (1 cup)
  • 12 g plain flour (0.40 oz)
  • 12 g custard powder (4.40 oz)


Beat the egg and sugar until consistent.   Add the flour in, and finally the custard powder.
Bring the milk to a boil, take it off the burner, but let the fire run.   Pour half the milk onto the egg mix while stirring.
When the mix is consistent, pour it back in the pan, and put the pan back on the burner for 4 or 5 minutes, without stopping stirring; the aim is to thicken the cream.
If you search a lighter custard, only add half the custard powder.

Usage and conservation

- fruit pie bottom
- vanilla slice (Napoleon cake)
- snails
- constituent of other creams, such as the frangipane (almond cream), or the chiboust cream, filling of the choux (éclair, religieuse) after a chocolate of coffee flavouring.
Vanilla custard can be preserved a couple of days if skinned with cling film.
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