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Vanilla custard (1930 views)

Anglos eat it straight on a shortcrust pastry (custard pie), but its main usage is more to use it as a bed to make fruit bits sit in a tart.
created 04 July 2011
revised 11 February 2017

Crème brûlée (1366 views)

This French classic has long passed onto Australian menus in designated restaurants.
Mistakenly called a ’brûlée’, because English places names after adjectives, it should be called in fact ’crème’, which is the name.
created 01 May 2004
revised 13 February 2017

Crème cognac (895 views)

This is a variant of the crème brûlée for liquor lovers.  Be dary and invent your own using this recipe as a model.
created 17 July 2011
revised 10 February 2017

Almond cream (2676 views)

Called frangipani in Italian, or frangipane in French, this almond based filling originates from the Renaissance period, and has been largely used since to fill puff pastry and croissant pastry.
created 18 July 2011
revised 10 February 2017

Fruit sabayon (447 views)

A sabayon is a natural emulsion of barely coagulated egg proteins, sweeetened or not, with a liquid, often a fine wine.
This being said, it can be either sweet or savoury.  The liquid can be either alcoholic or aqueous (#167;watery, like fruit juice for...read more >>
created 18 July 2011
revised 15 March 2017
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