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Almond pie (Kings pie)

For centuries that cake has been found in some parts of Europe all throughout January to celebrate the Epiphany period, a tribute paid to the Three Wise Men.  It can vary from the simplest form depicted below to more complex ones, with exotic flavours, apparent nuts (pistachio), and chocolate flavoured frangipane.
Time needed 3 h puff pastry, 2 h frangipane, 1 h preparation and baking



Roll down and cut puff pastry into two discs, one (cover) slightly bigger than the other (bottom). Grease a bake, put the bottom in it, fill it with frangipane in a the shape of a smaller disc, seal the top on it with a mix of egg yolk and a bit of water.
Carve patterns on the top, and paint it with egg yolk/water.
Bake it for 40 minutes at 180 C (356 F), it’s baked when a knife blade comes out stainless.

Serving suggestion

Suggestion: grab a cool sparkling white with that . . .   Vouvray of Champagne if you can afford.

Cultural information

You can’t miss them if you ever travel to France in January.  They make the whole of the window of Boulangeries-Pâtisseries that month.
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