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Almond pie (Kings pie) (2204 views)

For centuries that cake has been found in some parts of Europe all throughout January to celebrate the Epiphany period, a tribute paid to the Three Wise Men.  It can vary from the simplest form depicted below to more complex ones, with exotic...read more >>
created 07 August 2011
revised 10 February 2017

Pineapple tart (936 views)

A classic case of“cooked custard pie”, namely vanilla custard poured on a bed of juicy fruit bits.
created 07 August 2011
revised 13 February 2017

Almond tartlets (1862 views)

The author’s favourite.  Found in France for about a euro in the early noughties.  Twofold ten years later in Paris.  Yes it does take time to make them yourself, but here is the way I make them when I’m away for too long and I’m in withdrawal.
created 01 January 2005
revised 15 February 2017
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