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Chocolate Croissants (pains au chocolat) (1928 views)

Called chocolatines in the South West of France at least, and pains au chocolat elsewhere, schoolkids can’t wait for it on their way home.  Mums, not everyday!
created 03 July 2011
revised 15 February 2017

Croissants (704 views)

A French symbol, named after a lunar reference.  Croissant literally means _increasing_, such a the moon on its way from new moon to full moon.  the shape of the moon when waxing gave its name to that very down to earth delicacy . . .
created 03 July 2011
revised 15 February 2017

Snails (pains aux raisins) (3540 views)

Le snail, aka le pain aux raisins, is my favourite danish, and it’s not just a writing style to say this . . .
created 03 July 2011
revised 11 February 2017
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