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Importing your personal effects into Australia in a shipping container (5487 views)

Are you planning to ship a container into Australia with your personal effects in it?
This article is for you.  It is a true story of our personal experience in 2016, of a difficult, even emotional, import of our belongings into Australia, around Christmas time.
created 12 March 2017
revised 26 August 2017

How to easily unscrew hard pedals loose or tighten them to the specified torque (14683 views)

Who has never injured their fingers trying to unscrew pedals? The kind that have been screwed too tightly with a factory pneumatic tool?
In fact, the simple fact of using pedals, with the rider’s weight and the pressure exerted simply by riding, will automatically...read more >>
created 20 May 2016
revised 10 February 2017

How to pack a sea shipping container with household contents (35725 views)

So that’s it, your decision is irrevocable, you’ve decided to relocate overseas.  You’ve been hesitating between selling your household contents and travel light, then buy everything back again; or packing a container to ship overseas.
The former option demands less...
created 24 May 2012
revised 12 March 2017
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