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Velocity International Soundboard

Back in the day . . .   Deutsche Bank in the City of London, with the Velocity International Team.  Protagonists quoted will recognise themselves.
  • download iknow.mp3 "I know! I created that." (Dian I.)
  • download whydijudothat.mp3 "Why did you do that? There’s no reason to do that, please back that out." (Dian I.)
  • download idontknow.mp3 "I don’t know . . . " (Alan S.)
  • download heehaa.mp3 "Hee Haa, hey Darcy, what are you doing this week-end mate? Do you mind if you come Saturday night to restart FX+, Dian said he couldn’t" (Chris A.)
  • download vocabulary.mp3 "I don’t want this type of vocabulary in emails." (Craig J.)
  • download hitsthefan.mp3 "Well you know, with GIMS-JIMS-whatever, that where the shit hits the fan." (Matthew H.)
  • download travorlander.mp3 "GM e-Commerce support Travor Lander speaking." (Travor L)
  • download gims13254.mp3:
    - "Hullo? Hullo? I got a GIMS 13254 how long will it take?"
    - "I don’t know actually, it depends on the gravity actually, what is it about?"
    - "Hang on I’ll tell you [ . . . ] it’s..   Live rates won’t come up."
    - "Well, usually that’s a matter of minutes, let’s say 5 minutes",
    - "5 minutes? Ok tank you"
    (Vijay P.  / Richard R.)
  • download grand.mp3 "Oh grand, that’s absolutely fantastic, and I could leave at 4pm then." (Y O’C.)
  • download thatsawin.mp3 "Huh I don’t know actually, may be, may be not, it depends, but basically that’s a win, huh." (Richard R.)
  • download donthavetime.mp3 "I don’t know Mate, I don’t have time anyway, and our developers team doesn’t get hold of that." (Glen G.)
  • download okayy.mp3 "Okay . . . ", daily report.  (Matthew W.  and David B.)
  • download phonering.mp3 monophonic 16-bit trumpet-channel phone ring.  (Fabien H.)
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