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A French IT professional on how to lose weight in 16 tips (4159 views)

There is no magical way to lose weight.  In the vast majority of cases it is all fortunately and unfortunately related to maths, very simple ones here: loss=output-input.
It can nonetheless be hard to make this substraction equal 0 or better, be positive, as they are a...read more >>
created 30 December 2012
revised 19 July 2017

Ten good reasons to work out after work rather than before (4350 views)

I don’t really need funding to carry on research to figure out that Australians prefer to do sport in the morning, before heading to the office, rather than in the evening, let’s say after work.  On the other hand, since I regularly spend time in France, I realise that over...read more >>
created 19 February 2012
revised 19 May 2017
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